Confict caption contest results

We received two dozen entries to our inaugural “caption contest”. Notably, most entrants asked to remain anonymous, assuring me that their (cheeky) captions did not necessarily reflect their personal views. Our winner, Karonne Hanlen of Vancouver, however, was fine with having her “wacky/macabre sense of humour” publicized. The top five (as judged by a panel, who also wished to remain anonymous):

1. “No, Bubba, I doubled-checked. It’s when the knife went in – nothing about bullet wounds.”

2. “Which one of you wants to play the victim?”

3. “Stay curious, but keep the gun handy just in case.”

4. “So did we come here to go hunting or what?” “Alright, just one more paragraph, seriously!”

5. “It says here I should apologize to you boys.”

And here’s my own submission:
Having reached a standoff with his prey, our intrepid hero prepares to adopt a collaborative approach.

About Gary Harper, The Joy of Conflict Resolution

Gary Harper is the principal of Harper and Associates. He is a trainer, writer and facilitator who specializes in conflict resolution. Through his unique blend of experience as a personal injury lawyer, general manager, insurance regulator and retail store owner, he learned the value of clear communication and conflict resolution skills. Since 1991 he has trained and mediated in a wide variety of organizations - from health care to the film industry to many levels of government. He is a member of the instructional team of the Centre for Conflict Resolution at the Justice Institute of B. C. and recently authored The Joy of Conflict Resolution: Transforming Victims, Villains and Heroes in the Workplace and at Home.
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